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Understanding human behavior can sometimes be very complex. As humans, we all are prone to make mistakes  as well as highly unpredictable. Sometimes we easily change our positions on issues based on the conditions we find ourselves in at a given period of time.Thus having some insight on how humans operate can guide our decisions whenever we interact with others.

Our constant interactions with others allow us to often put our confidence and trust on some people we mostly consider close to us .We’ve had moments in our lives when we got disappointed as a result of someone we very much believed in betrayed our trust. Similarly, we have had periods where we disappointed others by  failing to fulfill our promises.

Trusting people can lead to very devastating results for several reasons. It’s true we are bound to trust people in life such as family members,close friends, leaders,employees,spouse or even coworkers but breakdown in trust has cost relationships which we would have loved to prevent in the first place. This isn’t necessarily because people plan to break promises but simply because people often do change with time or may have preoccupations which you’re not always going to be aware of.

1.No one loves you better than you.

The very first reason you should know about why you need to avoid trusting people is for the simple reason that no one can love you more than yourself. Very few people around you can have a mutual affection for you. So you can be prepared for any form of disappointment from anyone, as no one can understand or feel the way you do better than yourself.

2. Save your relationships.

There are some relationships we have with others which can be saved just by not trusting them or having a lot of expectation from them.This may either be due to the fact that you know this person too well , you’re still getting to know the person or you’re really not sure what to expect from such person. So, not expecting too much from them could be the ideal way of not affecting the relationship. Most disappointments come from those we know too well because we expected a lot from them.Thus by putting our trust in them resulted in straining the relationships and sometimes escalate into long term conflicts.

3. Don’t claim you know someone 100%.

Never claim you know someone too well. It’s true you may have some impression about the person.My experience about knowing people is only if you’ve lived with that person for some given period of time. You get to know him/her better than when you’ve never lived with them.The images or behavior people portray to you isn’t really their 100 percent. Our real personalities are what we are when we live in private, meaning our homes. So claiming to know someone completely whereas you’ve never lived with the person is some risk we unknowingly take and sometimes we become very surprise and regret in the future for such decision. Therefore it’s very necessary to be cautious when trusting people.

Understanding human nature and how humans easily change depending on conditions, can be enough reason not to put too much trust in humans. Therefore knowing this can aid in adjusting our ways we interact and trust in others. We can always expect changes at any moment. Just like you can’t really guarantee to fulfill all promises you make to others.