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As we all know, in life there is time for everything. There’s time to laugh,mourn, fall,rise,be promoted,be demoted, and the list goes on. There is no such thing as “my situation is worse” in life. Your condition may not be the best but you’ll never be the worst.  Just as you keep admiring someone else, know someone’s admiring you even better than you admire others.Everything seem to happen for a reason. You may be hurting but you can never stop smiling.

By this moment in our life,we should have noticed we survived and are still surviving a very challenging journey. How we survive such adventure should give us an opportunity to be grateful for at least the little we’ve accomplished and the lessons we’ve learned so far.

It’s often said that you never know what you have till you lose it. We tend to always give a blind eye to anything we have. This resulting to the constant pressure we put ourselves in and influence from society, always wanting for more and never satisfied with what we have.

By giving ourselves the opportunity to reflect over what we have helps us clearly identify what’s very valuable among what we have and appreciating them. We also have the chance to clearly define and differentiate our needs from want.

Take a look at yourself, from head to toe, and appreciate every details of what you have and for life itself. Not everyone even has a means of even getting a quarter of what you’ve achieved. Enjoy what you have lest you only feel it when it’s gone.