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In as much as we continue to expect a certain form of conduct from those around us, it’s also important to continuously state that humans remain unpredictable by nature. The way we behave is a product of our different backgrounds and experiences in life. Therefore it’s enough to understand the need to end the continues surprise of an unexpected attitude.

Hating others or holding grudges for any valid fact isn’t worth it for several reasons. It’s preferable to quit and get a refreshing environment than being trapped into toxicity you can’t mitigate.

1. You become irrational.

You become too emotional and become unbalanced.  You set barriers for any form of reasoning. All you are interested about is why what drove you furious happened instead of finding a way to move on. You expect everyone around you to see things in your perspective which can’t always be the case.

2. Time wasted.

You can’t change what can’t be change. The too much time you dedicate on questioning one’s action isn’t necessary especially when the one you hate isn’t aware.

3. Persistently deny differences.

You find it difficult to believe people can be different or act differently. What you feel A should do is exactly how you wish B to follow. The way people see things can’t always be they way you do. We have different bbackgrounds and experiences and can’t expect to always act the same.

4. Your hate doesn’t hurt people.

You may be surprise that you hating actually doesn’t hurt the person that much.  You spend much effort trying to make sure the one you hate actually feels pain which doesn’t have effect in most cases. You live in a word of total desperation.

5. It weakens you.

You develop stress, become anxious and find yourself trying to find answers to many unanswered questions. It helps limits your capacity to develop.

6. Bad judgement.

Just as the irrational part, you’re prone to making bad judgement. This may lead you to irresponsible actions which you may later tend out regretting.

Sometimes it’s preferable to quit from a relationship in which you were hurt than remaining to forcefully prove a point. Whatever the case, try to make your surrounding toxic free as possible.