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One of the best gifts of life besides family is friends. Just like family, friends play an important role in our lives. They make us happy, console us in tough times, help us in times of need and many more. Similarly, from the moment you start knowing a friend could be the birth point of your future misery.
One of the most complex things in life is understanding humans. I usually say the human mind  is “elastic”. Meaning it has a property which can contain many different qualities such as love,hate,jealousy, hypocrisy, honesty, dishonesty, wickedness, graciousness, deceit, anger, forgiving, and so on and so forth. Understanding humans become much more difficult as it becomes difficult to sometimes detect what quality to portray especially as it depends on the condition in which he/she finds him/herself.

Who is really a friend?

I’m one of those who believe you can’t have many friends. In fact there is a big difference between a friend and someone you know too well. According to wikipedia, a friend is defined as a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Sometimes we do ourselves harm by using knowing someone and a friend interchangeably.

It is very possible to know a thousand people and have a single or no friend among them. A friend should be like a mirror image of you, very mutual. Someone with whom you barely think before expressing yourself unto. Someone you’re sure can be a source of motivation anytime you need and has affection and concern for you.

Considering the few characteristics listed above, if you’re honest, you’ll realize just a few among your relations possess such attributes. It’s not to imply that those who don’t, don’t necessarily  have any affection or your good at heart. The difference is you always feel a sense of a special attachment to one than the other.

Humans change. It’s a characteristic of the human nature which may never have answers. One reason for people being disappointed by others is the lack of understanding the potential for change by humans and so they always ask why they’re disappointed.

There is this common saying where I come from that the thief is from the house. Majority of our disappointments come from those we know too well. It’s simply because we never expected such behavior from them.

You can minimize upsets by clearly understanding the human nature and improve and be realistic in your relationship. Not everyone you know has a mutual affection to you. Sometimes you could be considered not to be the friend he/she is  looking for.

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