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One important element everyone continuously wish to preserve and protect is self-esteem. Having a sense of pride and ensuring none or nothing steps in its way or act as a threat. Despite our effort to safeguard our respect, we often find it challenging to escape these barriers whenever our pride is put to test.
The world in which we live in requires us to always interact with each other. As humans, it’s imperative we have a better understanding of who we are in order  to improve our future relationships and interactions. Understanding, meaning trying to comprehend human behavior and potential for change.

Each and everyone of us must have had misunderstandings with someone. But the question is “did you value that relationship or not?”  The live span of all relationships depend primarily on what level of value each party places in the relationship.

Disputes or differences constitute some of the true test of how we value our relationships. It determines if we were actually serious or not about preserving such relationships. But dealing with humans entails us understand human behavior and understanding human behavior means understanding humans do change.

Humans do have a potential of changing with time. In all forms of relationships, the change in one party brings about the change in the other. It’s all about managing these differences. Again this moment tests the value you put in the relationship.

Whenever there’s dispute, in most cases, there’s a battle for respect. At this point, it’s usually a win or loss situation. This process of settling disputes could lead to its escalation. It is normal for disputes to occur in relationships as it permits those involved know themselves better with time. Depending on how we contol our egos could play an important role by easily solving difference and moving on rather than remaining on one unsettled dispute for a long time.Sometimes the one who values such relationship more is the one ready to put aside pride to save the relationship.

Another challenge involved in  resolving differences besides the value factor is managing the degree of change involved in both parties. How we manage these changes depends on our willingness to be ready to study the cause of the change. You can either evaluate the possibility of such change to be addressed successfully,accept to deal with these changes or later come to a conclusion which backs up your reason for terminating the relationship.

There’s no conventional way of ending disputes. All is about mitigating changes or in extreme cases, avoiding interactions which save you from dispute. But what could be considered are pride in terms of how you value the relationship and determination to finding out the root causes of changes and making good decisions based on good judgement.