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There often exist interactions we have with others which isn’t worth prolonging. Healthy relationships should be what we crave for and so it’s very vital we surround ourselves with those who contribute in influencing our environment positively. Sometimes no form of interaction is healthier than some, and can help us avoid or stay away from lot’s of troubles.

Besides family relations which we are compelled to live with because of natural connection, the outlined group of individuals could probably be avoided to make your surrounding more cozy or trouble-free.

My take on companies you should avoid.

1. Angry people.

It’s not advisable to be around very angry individuals or always furious. They mostly create tension in relationships and easily trip whenever you have a different view about issues other than theirs. They hate being opposed even when they’re wrong and a source of escalation to any light misunderstandings. It’s toxic and you may want to keep away from such company.

2. Partner’s friends.

Yeah, you got me well. I said the friend of your partner,partner being the one with whom you both have a mutual romantic affection. So keeping a relationship with your partner’s friends of the same sex as your partner should be restricted as much as possible. By doing so, you’ll save both yourself and your relationship from lot’s of troubles. In most cases, when such relationships become too close, it tends out to affect your relationship. This is not to mean you shouldn’t know your partner’s friends but avoid being too close. Again, friends with the same sex as your partner.

3. Hypocrites.

You hardly know their stands. Their interactions with you is dependent on different factors. Sometimes it depends on what you can offer to them. They are opportunists.They’re best company when things move well but change position immediately they find something else. You wouldn’t want to hang with someone you’re not too sure how he feels about you.

4. Gossipers.

Another form of hypocrisy. Always prepared to inform people about others even if no one asked. They are the sources of bad information circulating about you. They inform even those they know you don’t get along with. It’s not just the sharing of information but they have ways in which they convey the information which is to paint a funny picture about you. You can’t trust them because they can’t even trust themselves. You need privacy and again you wouldn’t want to stick with these guys anytime.

5. Those who always see negative in you.

You never seem to put anything reasonable in their book. You are the last they’ll expect anything good from. They already have a fixed mind about you. There are many people out there who will appreciate you a lot so stay away.

6. Criminal.

Whenever you realize you find yourself with a criminal, ensure you keep away. In many cases, you hanging out with a criminal could be seen as two criminals by forces of law and order. Save yourself from problems or you may find yourself in a position trying to talk about issues you know nothing about.

7. People who never forget about the past.

They always remind you about their past. Their decision making is driven by the experience they had in the past. Sometimes they want you to act differently with them based on their history. Even if you try to add something meaningful, it’s never seen enough. You can never see things like this person. They hardly want to move on and obviously treat you according to the past.

8. Those who always compare.

They never feel they’re better. Always feel others are better than they are.Their statements often have someone’s name in it. They’re hardly satisfied with what they have. They put themselves in situations where they always want to get what they don’t have or be what they are not even if they can’t. Such relationships are toxic. You can’t be someone else but you.

9. Negative.

Always identifying negative. Hardly see positive in anything. Even if something is positive, they hardly feel it. They have conditioned their minds to always see negative and could be a source of discouragement. So you might want to keep away.

10. Proud.

They always feel better than others and only them have a lot to offer. They are attention seeking individuals. They want everyone to listen to them , see them and appreciate them even if they do not merit them. Great individuals don’t seek for attention, people appreciate them for what they do. You will hardly learn from such a person, so you might want to quit.