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How we act and behave today are both products of the influence of the environment we grew up in from birth. Similarly, what we do now will have an impact on how we bring up our children and anyone we take care of.

Family is the basic unit of society. Just like different cells in the body perform different functions in order for the body to work perfectly, family does play a huge role in establishing a peaceful society. The current state of society results from the contribution of each individual family in how it brings up its members. How and what we expect society to be and the kind of future we expect those we take good care of grow in.

We live in a very diverse world. Diverse in opinions, beliefs, cultural and many other aspects. How orderly or disorderly, violent or peaceful our world is, could easily be traced to our backgrounds or different experiences we witness while growing up.

Every born child is a blessing. No one is born with a mind to cause harm. Instead, we do have an obligation in contributing our parts in making the world a better place to live in and enjoy the benefits of life to the fullest. Unfortunately, we focus more on several issues that continue to divide us rather than what we have in common. We become captives of our different beliefs, racial identity, political views, culture, just to name a few, by finding it difficult to accept and respect the need for sharing and integrating the similarities of all parties.

Family remains an indispensable unit in ensuring an orderly society. How broken or how orderly society is, results from the various processes of our individual upbringing. How we are expected to function in the outside world as well as what the world expects from us.

Our most important teachers in life are the ones we grew up with. The way we act and what personality we develop, are both responsibilities of parents. Parents here isn’t limited to biological, but whoever plays the parenting role. Therefore, the method of upbringing, is very critical and could be either beneficial or costly to both society and parents as well.

Sadly,depending on the different factors involved in the various methods of upbringing, society continues to suffer the cost of intolerable behavior due to either poor doctrine or negligence by certain family units.

So, in order for any form of social order to exist, every family bears an enormous responsibility in building up a society that is both friendly and beneficial to everyone.