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As we grow older, there comes at least a moment in our lives where we get disappointed by the ones we cherished and trusted the most amongst our relationships. We become despondent or feel frustrated as though the world came to an end. Some get into activities which impact them negatively in a long term or later regret such decisions.
It becomes a period of self-blaming, discouragement and full of emotions. Your decisions become influenced.

It’s true no one can ever feel the way you feel this period. But you need to realize people have gone through this period before you and probably worse than yours. Time factor also plays a big part but of course it depends on how determined you are.

Again when it comes to relationship issues, there’s nothing like a conventional solution. This is simply due to the fact that no two relationships will ever be the same. Partner A and B will never be the same with A and C. ¬†Nevertheless, opinions or ideas may help you get through successfully.

My take on coping with heartbreak.

Communicate with close ones

Talk and share your story to those you feel comfortable with. You could share to as many as possible depending on you. This is a process which allows you express yourself more. It helps you communicate a lot and get suggestions or ideas which may help you get over it.Don’t blame yourself, just feel free and comfortable

Find time for maximum relaxation

Secondly, try to find sometime to relax. Meet your pals, hang out together and have fun. Get some jokes or laugh about your tough moment. You may listen to some cool songs especially in your private time,as many as you can taking note of the lyrics or watch comedies or movies.

Again , it may take some time but it’s a function of how determined you are.