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They say the best things in life are free. But how available and patient we are for such is what keeps the mind in constant battle and worries. We are then compelled to seek for ways to achieve these treasures we desperately long for to cover up for the time we never had and want to have.

An honest heart doesn’t find it difficult to differentiate between real and fake.

An honest heart easily identifies natural and artificial.

An honest heart understands how natural works and artificial as well.

An honest heart knows the definition of real love.

Conditional love is the new love. Where affection has to be earned based on conditions and milieu. Real love becomes difficult to practice and to receive. It’s no longer appreciable and keeps losing its impact and influence. But we fail to realize it’ll always hunt us back.

Hypocrisy is when we are aware of what we’re doing and become surprise when caught. You considered material and external factors in exchange for affection and feel a sense of frustration when they disappear. You keep trying but you torment your feelings. Your own boundaries treat you terribly.

Affection is now a choice,not free and could be shaped depending on the conditions in which it finds itself. But one thing for sure is real things exist. It may take time but it comes. It could be you neglected or didn’t see it in front of you. Sometimes you need to erase the last condition and enjoy it real. Yes, because it has no boundaries. It’s either yes or no, right or wrong, once or never and not “maybes”.

It may take time to come but doesn’t change with time when it comes.