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Monday: No one seems to care about my situation.

Tuesday: No guy seems to be interested in me.

Wednesday: Why can’t I get a job?

Thursday: I’m broke and no one seems interested in helping.

Friday: My sister is difficult to live with.

Saturday: I’m not happy, life is so unfair.

Sunday: Oh, my God. Why is it rainy today?

Life has never owed any one any explanation on how it operates. From the moment of our birth till our departure, from our first breath to the last, every second, minute, hour, day, weeks, month, year and the ages, life has never,is not going to and will never owe any one an explanation,not even a promise. Therefore a life of complaints is surely a waste of time.

Life is all about optimism. As we continue to develop as humans, we realize the need to learn, improve, adapt and continue to seek for ways to survive, by using our life given potentials, irrespective of the conditions we find ourselves in. It’s true one cannot underestimate the challenges that come in the way, but a better approach could be staying positive and finding an underlying message about the situation rather than complaining. In other words, taking something positive in every situation accompanied by the believe in one’s potential are both indispensable recipes for us moving forward.

There is nothing bad in complaining. But complaining becomes a problem when it becomes a regular part of life. It is a bad habit we adopt which leads us no where other than exploit us negatively. Regularly complaining in itself shields weakness. We feel helpless and ignore any possibility of being able to look beyond our obstacles. You focus on finding the easiest pathways in life or expecting something great to come your way, all because you allow obstacles scare you away.

Pessimism becomes part of life. Always complaining  tend to easily invite negativity. From your perspective, everything seems to be very unfair to you. Besides allowing yourself to be easily defeated by obstacles,you subconsciously develop an attitude of always fearing the unknown. This results to an unproductive lifestyle as it becomes extremely difficult in getting things done.

A complaining attitude is devastating to the human mind. Whenever we do complain , we show a desperation for attention. It’s  a terrible behaviour which needs to be gotten rid of. Sometimes it acts as a repellant and might lead you losing respect towards others especially when most of the conversation is focused on complaints rather than something productive.