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”Trying and failing is a sign of trying to succeed. Fear of trying discourages success”.

Depending on how you interpret the term “failure”, failure has a very huge and important role in defining our path to success. Apparently, despite the storms and obstacles that hinders us from trying to attain success, we remain our main authors of our individual success stories. Nevertheless, failure seems to be an indispensable recipe for every success if and only if we are capable of deciphering the real messages of the situation.

Failure is a messenger. It’s not always bad news as it seems,even though it comes unexpected and very unwelcoming. What we do about it and whether or not we are prepared to get the underlying message, is actually what makes the difference. I believe the most successful people get used to dealing with obstacles often and the always never giving up attitude irrespective of what challenges they faced or face, is what defines their successful nature.  It’s either ” why it happened “, what’s its cause?”, is it working?”, ” I’ll try again “, “I’ll try another”  not “I’m unfortunate”, ” mine is always this way”, ” just like I thought “,  ” it’s not for me”, ” I blame x and y” etc. Whatever the case, it’s important to at least develop the will of trying to interpret the message of failure.

It’s true we live in a very judgmental society. And the lack of achieving personal goals at anytime could be attributed to several reasons. Sometimes your continuous effort and failure to achieve something meaningful could be interpreted as weakness , poor decision, and other reasons. But as earlier mentioned, at the end of the day, you end up being your only author of your success story. This can only be made possible if we keep calm and whether or not we want to interpret the message of failure.

It may puzzle you to know that sometimes success could be hindered not by failure itself but our reaction towards failure. Based on the message and lessons learned from our failures, we can permit it propel us to the next phase or we get to a lower phase. Failure can allow us remain in the same position or enable us reach another level.