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What is/are the thing(s) that come in mind whenever you meet someone for the first time?
Do you often expect a certain trait or character every first time you encounter someone? If so, what specifically?
Does first impression become the core factor in how you determine one’s full identity?

It is fair to say the core if not decisive factor in how we easily figure out one’s character is through first impression. From how they speak, what they say, their body movement, how they stare, and the list goes on. Taking into account every single detail from the person. All of these easily drive many to concluding who and what they think about an individual they encounter for the first time.

However, whether or not we believe in judging someone we meet for the first time principally on their first impression, everyone brings with them a unique identity. Something you can’t find in another person. All this which could partly be as a result of how life experiences and society around us shape our perception and of course, behavior.

I’m personally not a fan of first impression, but impression. Some will say instinct. Of course, knowing or having a clue on one’s full identity takes more than just “first impression”. Just like an employer demanding a CV as requirement, an interview, training and maybe a test is required to understand the “skill-curve”.

Likewise understanding human behavior. In order to have an idea of one’s behavior, we ought to be open for understanding a curve. This helps in not just having a valuable idea about a person but in predicting changes. This is important in understanding unknowns or better still, develops our expectations.

First impression is important, but never enough in deciding one’s full identity. In fact it sometimes encourages false personality display. Acting on a temporary basis. Great relationships usually begin understanding that curve and whether or not you become comfortable with based on individual judgement.