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Do you ever feel you have a level of control for what goes on in your life? How will you rate that control you feel you have?

If there is one thing in life we all wish to be assured of ,it’s definitely certainty. We want to be certain about succeeding in our daily activities, the goals we pursue. So, one way we commonly make sure we fulfill these desires is relying on our abilities. In other words, we try to have complete control in ensuring we get what we think is best for us. But what level of control do we think we have as we try to fulfill our desires? Do you believe in serendipity?

Sometimes we become too selfish not to realise the miracles that happen around us. We become ungrateful, self-centered, impatient and highly carried away by the standards of society. It reaches a point where we give less value to some of the most important things that happen around us. The answer is simple – we want what we want and want more. But the reality is that not everything we want in life is actually what is good for us. And then even as we push as much as we can, sometimes there isn’t that guarantee of it realising at any point. Serendipity sometimes come to the rescue during such moment.

Serendipity simply means  discovering something very pleasant you least expected. Meaning something you never looked for but on discovering it, you realise it tends out to be more beneficial to you than you expected. Sometimes we ought to realise that all it takes to have a good quality and a happy life is just staying positive. Being positive and hopeful things will always turn to go on our favour despite extremely challenging moments. Without these components, life can become more complicating even though we continue to be in control of certain situations in life.

Below are some key elements we need especially when we feel like having absolutely no control over some challenging situation we face in life:

1. Positivity and hopefulness.

In a world where certainty seem to be beyond our comprehension, positivity and hopefulness are those elements we never have to disengage ourselves from.  Always believing  things can always work out irrespective of whatever challenges we go through. Without these components, we only invite negativity and pessimism into our lives.

2. Show appreciation.

One thing we often tend to neglect or ignore is valuing what we have. This is one reason we always find ourselves in a state of want or never satisfied. Thus, we always need to learn to start appreciating both ourselves and what we have as well.  Like the saying goes, ”you never know what you have until you loss it”, being grateful for what you have drives positivity in one’s life. This leads to living an optimistic and a happy lifestyle which we need in any situation we come across in life.


Another useful element which we need especially during uncertainty is patience. Unfortunately, we often lack patience as we try to meet up with the pace of the very demanding world in which we live in. This leads us to become desperate and probably engage in bad decision-making which tends to affect us negatively. Therefore it’s imperative we learn to exercise patience whenever we feel we no longer have control over challenging situations.

4. Relax.

One thing we need in moments of uncertainty is a relaxed mind.  Only through relaxation can we be able to think and act clearly. No form of worrying is never always helpful for the mind and health in general.

Apparently. serendipity  can never be planned. But we can help improve our situations starting with the proper mindset. It is understandable that sometimes situations in life could be extremely challenging to the point where we feel like giving up. But what’s more important in life is finding appropriate ways to overcome these challenges or at least having the capacity to manage the situation properly. Just be positive, always learn to show appreciation for the things you have, be patient and above all try to relax.