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There is no doubt everyone has at least at some point compared themselves to others. However, it is imperative we know how beneficial it is whenever we compare ourselves to others. Whether or not it brings out the best in us or just makes us feel good about ourselves. Regardless of the reasons behind any comparison, it is important to clearly state that comparison gravely impacts one’s personality negatively. Besides the negative influence, it’s also an indication of some insecurities resulting from a combination of factors which definitely needs to be addressed.

Trying to control what is beyond your control distracts you from getting things done. Whenever we compare different realities, we only distract ourselves from focusing on what is within our reach. Thereby making it more challenging to get things done.

The following reasons shows what becomes of us whenever we compare ourselves to others;

1. Poor self-evaluation.

Comparing yourself with others further proves the degree at which you know yourself. How well you appreciate yourself as well as know your boundaries. Most often, comparison only indicates how less you know as well as appreciate yourself. Thus due to the poor level of understanding of who you are or what you can offer in life, you are prone to be easily influenced by others.

2. Off limits.

In connection to the first point, comparing yourself with others helps to completely take you off course. It proves a lack of vision for yourself and you become too distracted especially as you act based on other’s set limits, instead of yours. This doesn’t just limits you terribly but could be frustrating as well when certain goals are not met.. Always try to stay focused on your self-improvement as well as within your own set limits.

3. Insecurities.

Comparing ourselves to others further proves how insecure we are as well as our inability to control our insecurities. Whenever we are insecure or have a low self-esteem, we become easily influenced by what goes on around us. We sometimes become envious, jealous or simply feel defeated by our insecurities. Insecurities are sometimes fueled by the fact that we feel we are the only ones with flaws. Due to a poor perception of what flaws mean to us, we picture life from the perspective of a glass half empty. Everyone has flaws and problems in their lives. What makes the difference is the right attitude towards handling them which is what you are definitely struggling with.

4. Waste of time and energy.

You become effective in wasting time and energy. Trying to be who you are not or what you can’t be probably to feel accepted or to feel good is just a waste of energy. This is because you can’t be anyone else but you. You can only improve on yourself and not improve yourself to become someone else. Trying to become someone else only further contributes to destroy who you really are.

5. You compromise your happiness.

Everyone deserves to live a happy life even in the most difficult circumstances. What we need is a positive mindset and the right attitude whenever we are faced with challenges. A life of comparison only presents an obstacle to happiness especially as we decide to become very unfair in our comparison. Trying to relate our reality to others  is one form of self-imposed sadness we put upon ourselves.

Generally, life involves constantly improving on ourselves. Believing we have flaws but from the optics of a glass half full. What’s more important is we compare who we were yesterday to today and how we can improve to become what we want tomorrow.  Comparison on does a disservice to us in regard to this objective by taking us off track as we try to live the realities of others. The bottom line is everyone has a unique path in life and it’s therefore our responsibility to make it unique rather than make it similar to others. This isn’t just impossible but rather a complete waste of time and energy.