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To begin with, it is important to state clearly that the points listed in this article shouldn’t be misinterpreted or provide a platform for mistrust or confrontations. Rather, it should be considered as material to create awareness and try to improve where necessary to save relationships.

Every relationship needs an assurance of security. But sometimes due to different reasons, these relationships feel threatened, become weak or terminates for good. In many cases they either become one-sided or one partner struggles to understand the other’s abrupt change in attitude. In some cases we completely become unaware of our partner’s desire to quit or end the relationship. This may occur when a partner becomes scared of informing the other due to possible consequences or other reasons. But how do we know exactly our partner maybe considering to terminate the union without being direct about it?

Some partners avoid hurting their significant other by stating their intention to quit the relationship. Consequently, they try as much to make them understand in a different way.  On the other hand believing your relationship is great whereas your partner tries to quit could feel more like living in the dark.

Below are some suggested points you could identify from a partner who is considering to quit a relationship.

1. Limited attention.

Sometimes when partners no longer give the attention they used to give in the past, it may be a call for concern. Again a lack of attention is not always an indication of a break up but it’s a sign you’ll probably want to do something about it. Try to identify the source of such a change by engaging into some level of communication. Never consider the fault to be only the partner’s as it could  be possible it comes from you. Thus a more decent level of communication could be a great step in identifying the reason.

 2. Needs more privacy.

The partner values privacy more than ever before. Sometimes your presence seems toxic and your partner may much more prefer they were  somewhere else or you weren’t around. Again this behaviour may result from different reasons but a much better way to engage into a healthy communication.

3.  More judgemental.

The partner sees more fault in you than in the past. Anything you do seems to always have something wrong. They always criticise, mostly unfairly and when they realise they are on the wrong, they never apologise. This moment could be tricky, as some try to look for ways to stir up disputes which they may use as a gateway to quit. Therefore you may want to think properly when dealing with such a behavior.

4. Always busy.

Similarly to little attention, they are always busy. They hardly ever make time for their partners. Even during break period, they are busy. They are always busy when you call,never return calls or never reply to texts. Thus using the busy card is the best way they put their partners away.

5. They need breaks.

A partner may be considering to break up when they tell you they need a break to think over the relationship. They either feel exhausted about the relationship or just don’t seem to have interest at all. Thus a better way to express such feeling is by telling the partners they need a break.

As earlier mentioned, the above points should not always be considered as the sole reasons for wanting to break up. It should be considered as a means to engage into proper communication in order to seek solutions to such changes in behavior. Additionally, never always consider the reason for such change as only the partner’s fault. Sometimes you could be the fault and some partners find it difficult to express such feelings to their significant other. Also, some do react this way due to some flaws they later discover in their partners and consequently don’t comfortable around them.