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Do you ever feel you can know more about yourself?

Do you feel there is nothing more you could possibly know about who you are?

One thing which is very fascinating about us humans is our unlimited potential which we hardly ever explore fully. Our ability to do the unthinkable and far more extraordinary things which we initially never thought were possible. However, a common challenge people face in society today is that they struggle to understand their potentials and explore them successfully. In other words, knowing who they are, their strengths,weaknesses, and other traits which could be helpful in order live a great and better life.

We live in a very dynamic world today. Whereby we try to adapt to this dynamism and meet up with its pace. Consequently, we become tempted to loss sight of knowing more about who we are as we struggle to meet up with the expectation of external world. Nevertheless, there are always situations in which we could get to know more about ourselves which we usually ignore. Some of such situations are practical and often require patience and good judgement.

1. Self-reflection.

The most practical and convenient way in which we can get to learn and know more about ourselves is simply by self-reflection. A moment of meditation and communication with one’s self. It involves questioning and answering questions you constantly pose. Trying to figure out your strength, weakness, where you are coming from, heading to etc. In other words, taking a break from noise and everything happening around you to answer questions only you can ask. It is always important to find some quiet time for self meditation.

2. Critics.

It may surprise you to know that one way you could get to know more about yourself is through criticism. It is a means in which you get to know what people know and understand about you and whether or not such perception correlates with what you think of yourself. However, it is imperative to state that not every critic should always be considered valuable or worth responding as most often are just opinions. Criticism is one way most people fail to capitalise on understanding and getting a picture of who they are according to others either because they feel offended or hate this approach in which they can know themselves. The bottom line is criticism always gives a picture or more information on you even though not all criticism is valid.

3. Challenge.

Another practical way whereby we can get to know more about ourselves is by challenging ourselves. Setting a task or target for ourselves to know how capable we are by accomplishing the task. Sometimes we find ourselves doubting our capabilities and thus a great way to determine whether or not we can erase such doubts is by challenging ourselves.


This is similar to the point on critics. In both cases, you get to know more about yourself from others. However, sometimes we can be told about something positive on us in which we either don’t believe or knew about them. For example, someone may praise your voice as great to be a singer which you never believed in or even had a passion in singing.

Regardless of who we are, where we come from or whatever background we have, as humans we do have enormous potentials. We may never get to fully explore them for different reasons. Therefore we always have an obligation to know more about ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses as well as our limits to make life much more easy and great to live.