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Do you ever wonder how possible it could be to move forward from an upset you least expected?

How do you begin a new chapter? Do you just feel defeated or just give up?

Sometimes we are faced with sudden upsets we least expected or never imagined we could come across at least for moment we face them. In this case we become confused, feel frustrated or try to find a way for such upset to sink through properly. We ask questions, we blame ourselves or just wished we were dreaming and feel like waking up immediately. Regardless of the wave of different thoughts or transformation happening at the moment, the reality is we are faced with what is beyond our control.

The approach we use in dealing with sudden upsets can determine how successful we are or not in going through this difficult moment. Upsets could range from unexpected firing from a job, loss of a love one through an accident, your significant other ending your relationship and any other upset you never expected.

The question remains, how do we manage such moments in life successfully without allowing it destroy us?

Depending on our different backgrounds and life experiences, it is certain we all have different tolerance levels. We have unique ways of handling challenges and challenges are definitely subjective. Meaning, what we call a challenge could be lighter to someone else. However, we could learn from the different elements below which could be very important in how we move on from challenging times.

1. Acceptance.

The first and most important step in trying to come out successfully from extremely challenging moments is trying to accept the reality of the problem. Accepting means knowing it happened and that’s what you need to deal with. Often times, we tend to either console ourselves it never happened, try to control the situation using different ways that may cost us more. This could be a normal reaction as we try to understand the reality of the situation. But any other way we begin dealing with such moment than accepting the reality only helps us stay possibly longer in such moment. Therefore accepting it occurred and that you have to deal with it is extremely important in how we move forward.

2. Support network.

The type of support network we usually have is key to how we move along. This could include close ones such as family, friends, co-workers or anyone you surround yourself with. This is not to just provide you with some form of consolation, but the best ideas you need in this moment as well as a mental or psychological balance. A good support network can enable you feel you are not the only one who goes through this situation and can guarantee you can always go through this difficult period in life.

3. Open-minded.

Another important element you need is to be open-minded. To be open to learn as well as become positive. Knowing you can be fine and not feel completely defeated or feel you are a failure. Remember the popular saying “when a door closes, another one opens”. As hard as it gets, you need to believe maybe you won’t be fine at the moment, but you believe things will be better sometime soon or the future. Always stay positive.

We all have expectations but life is full of the unexpected. We always desire the best in life but sometimes things could be very unfair to us. Knowing life is not always a bed of roses, we could always be prepared mentally at least with the elements above. Having a better understanding of life as one you will enjoy the best moments as well as knowing things could be against you sometimes.