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There is a common fear out there gravely eating up the society – the fear of being different. This is indicative of how crowd following seriously impacts most of our actions.

Following the crowd can influence our process of personality development in several ways. As humans, it’s extremely important to establish some form of awareness of what goes on around our environment and be able,irrespective of any other opinion, make decisions using our own judgement.

Unfortunately, society continues to give us a different story. We are forced to follow the ideologies of numbers rather than giving ourselves an opportunity to reason out for ourselves. Nevertheless, some continue to stay out of such position and never afraid to be different.

1. You become a people pleaser.

People follow the crowd to please others. As we all know, you can’t always please everyone. Not only do you limit yourself from attaining your full personality but you provide an opportunity for others to take advantage of you.

2. Always concerned about what people say.

Most people who follow the crowd always care about what people say or feel about them. They continuously portray an image which isn’t reflective of them. Thus they become very unreal.

3. You look very unreal.
Those who often follow the crowd become very used to in selecting chambers which tells them what they want to hear or feel, not actually how factual things are. This prevents them from wanting to think otherwise.

4. Others reason for you.

Every crowd follower gets used to the fact that people often act or reason for them. They vehemently deny to give themselves any kind of opportunity to reason things out. All they’re interested is the number of those who feel that way and also if they’re accepted.

5. Affects your decision making

Another limitation of crowd followers is they lack great leadership capacity. It becomes difficult in making decisions without thinking about what others will say or feel even if they’re right.

Generally, be it whatever sector in life, politics, religion, social or cultural aspects, crowd following effectively limits you from knowing yourself better. Remember all crowd ideas began by an individual. So just as they were able to influence others, you too can as well be influential.

It is very normal to be unlike others. A group of 10 can sound ridiculous but more ridiculous for seeing you different even when you’re realistic than they are.

The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.

 Albert Einstein