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Who is a perfect partner? Do you believe in the existence of established perfect partners or do you believe people do have the potential of becoming great in relationships?

It’s very obvious that one of the main reasons people find it difficult to get a right partner is due to their quest for a perfect partner. Someone who suits their definition of a perfect partner. But some questions of thought include;

  • Is there any such thing as a perfect partner?
  • How will you describe the perfect partner?

If everyone is given the opportunity to describe a perfect partner, I bet you’ll get a vast series of different conflicting opinions. In most cases the definition of a perfect partner is usually dominated by physical attributes before any other consideration.

In reality, the term perfect partner is an ideology  driven by infinite selfish desires which could be very limiting to those searching for them. By now, we would have learnt through our interactions with humans , that one of the unique characteristics of humans is the ability to improve as a person. This means as humans we are always prone to fall short of standards as well as capable of  improving on ourselves. Therefore an obsession of finding someone perfect for a relationship doesn’t just limit one from possible great outcomes but distances them from reality.

Another setback to this ideology is the possibility of lack of mutuality. As people aiming for great of relationships, one principal focus is mutual affection. In as much as we have certain standards we expect from our future partners, we definitely want such feelings to be reciprocal. In the search for a perfect partner or someone we feel suits our standards, sometimes it may not always tend out to be mutual. Sometimes people realise later in the relationship that the so-called perfect partner didn’t tend out as expected. This either due to the fact these partners weren’t actually what they needed or they ended up being exploited by these partners. Thus this becomes very time-consuming as well as very exhaustive.

Additionally, the pressure involved in searching for a perfect partner isn’t really worth it. Sometimes you blow away viable opportunities simply because people fail to meet your expectations. This could feel very frustrating at times and may lead to desperation and growing anxiety. You are later left with the impression of not being able to find love or probably no one can accept you the way you are. This is very untrue, as there are many out there who can accept you the way you are, probably worse but of course they didn’t meet the requirement for the standards you set.

Life is replete with unpredictability. Sometimes the people we encounter daily aren’t necessarily  because we merit them or decided to meet them but because we have the opportunity to meet them. It is my believe that meeting people is beyond our control but that of life.Whether they’re bad or good, we always have an opportunity to at least take something valuable from them. Of course everyone has desires and some level of expectation from partners but one doesn’t have to find someone perfect that fits our expectation. In fact the word ”perfect” doesn’t exist for humans. It’s pure fantasy and very unrealistic.