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One of our main goals when living together in a home is by contributing our part in making sure it’s friendly, comfortable and violent free. Ensuring it’s a place we love to visit any time we want.

Unfortunately, some homes continue to face various forms of domestic violence. Where one or many, makes the lives of others a living hell.Women and children continue to be the main victims of domestic violence.

Below are some reasons why domestic abuse continue to be rampant in our society.

1. Little attention to victims.

Anyone who makes life miserable for another needs help,more than victims of domestic violence. Some of those instigating such violence were victims at one point. They either grew up exposed to a pattern of behavior towards the people living with them. Thus by so doing, they feel it’s the only way they gain respect. They develop psychological problems and live with this for a long time. As a result of posttraumatic stress, they continue to live without being helped or their problems addressed. So,it’s very important especially for couples to know about such backgrounds and try to address it before building a home together. Without such consideration, it may be late and more difficult to address it when it affects the relationship and can continue to cause a long term effect.

2. Education.

Education plays a very huge role in managing domestic violence. Not everyone who went through an educational institution is enough to qualify as an educated person. Someone educated is always open-minded,always willing to learn as well as willing to teach. An educated person is a peacemaker and considerate. Such is eager to know the root causes of problems as a proactive approach in dealing with the issue rather than limiting himself on alway being reactive.By so doing, it becomes easy to find solutions. This becomes important especially when different parties that make up a home don’t exactly have the same educational background.

3. Society.

Society in general, contribute in making domestic violence gain grounds in different ways. Most of us try to mind our business whenever we realize forms of domestic violence around us. But we become the first to intervene in cases of fatalities or delicate cases. Some victims continue to suffer in private and unwilling to express themselves about it to anyone as a result of fear or no one may really be interested. Thus, such violence continue to exist and live with us.

4. Culture.

Some cultures are the greatest promoters of domestic violence of all forms.Some cultures continue to maintain rigid stands on certain aspects. For example, there are families or culture that value women who don’t bear children as a taboo and ensure she faces consequences in both physical and emotional violence. She’s considered no worth and has to deal with such for a very long time. Some even view victims of rape as a disgrace to family and culture. With the continues existence of certain traditions and norms practiced by certain cultures, it becomes difficult in any process to eradicate domestic violence.

5. Finance.

Another big aspect that contributes in ensuring domestic violence is financial factor. One reason why victims of domestic abuse continue to remain home or refuse to quit is due to the fear of the unknown. They are scared of living a life below their present financial situation as the violators are the sole provider. They fear not being employed outside their homes or get a better job or also fear the consequences it will have on their children. So they prefer to remain financially dependent and live within such environment than any other. Likewise women who abuse men. Some women refuse to listen to their husbands either because they are unemployed or other reasons such as sexually related reasons.

6. Gender factor.

How we understand or visualize the role of an opposite sex plays a role as well. Depending on the society we grow up in, some environments are more gender equality friendly than others. Some men have grown up knowing women should have little or no say on how the home is run. The man assumes the role of the provider and decision maker, captain of the ship. This becomes difficult for the woman to express herself without either been beaten, slapped, kicked or violated in other ways.

7. Lack of policies.

The feeling of a lack of consequences by domestic abusers through effective policies, also play a role in domestic violence. Whenever one continues to feel can run a home by abusing anyone at will without being reprimanded, it hinders any effort in addressing the issue. ¬†Policies alongside supporting NGO’s and other bodies fighting against domestic violence can continue to play an important role in reducing the impact of domestic violence.

Domestic violence have a big negative impact on society. Broken homes could allow victims engage into activities such as violence, crimes, which could influence society negatively. So its very important victims of social violence are given special attention and care.