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Sometimes, life could be so frustrating. True, but by this moment in your life, you should have realized there are things you get a clearer picture of later in life which you were ignorant of earlier.

Life owes no one any explanation of how it operates except it feels to do so. It decides its time,place and whatever it needs to reveal its message to you. We have our schedule on how and when things should function in our lives. But unfortunately there are moments when things go wrong and we become frustrated, helpless and blame ourselves or others for such disappointment.

Patience tends out to be what we need during such period. It could take lesser time or longer, but one thing to know is,not everything in life works according to your schedule. Sometimes it could be what you’re to do at the moment could make you regret in the future.

1. Negative influence in decision making

When we become inpatient, we become a slave to poor decision making. We continue to take decisions we later regret because we try to force our schedule against life’s schedule. We deny to give any chance of understanding that things usually happen for a reason.

2. Waste time and unrealistic

When you’re patient, you become very realistic and save time. Rather than spending so much time asking questions for which answers you’ll hardly get, you learn to adapt and build a strong virtue of always moving forward. Wonderful things in life usually take time.

3. We work according to the plan of others

Disappointments in life shouldn’t always be seen as disappointment. Sometimes the real disappointment comes when you make decisions based on others. Life has different plans for each and everyone of us. Everyone of us have different routes in life and each route have different conditions in order to arrive its destination. So it is never logical to compare our routes because not everyone has the same experience in life.

Generally, it’s normal to feel frustrated when our wishes don’t get to fruition at the expected time. But how we go about it is what’s important. Not everything that doesn’t work out should always be considered a failure. Sometimes patience and what we learn from such situation are the only things that can help us move forward.