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What’s your understanding of a gentleman? What traits make up a gentleman?

As society continues to change with time,human behavior and values tend to respond to such changes by adapting to any norms they find in the present. Our demands increase and expectations from both society and humans become higher. Certain behaviors are considered old-fashioned. But some questions of concern include;

”Do certain fundamental human moral values such as integrity,humility, respect, love, etc.change with time?”

”Is being a gentleman today the same as in the past as well as in the future? Who is a gentleman?”

There seem to be mixed perceptions about who a gentleman is or what traits make up a gentleman. Depending on the type of background or society in which we grew up, there is likely to exist different views and expectation from a gentleman. Some find some qualities in a man attractive and needed in a gentleman whilst others could find them obsolete or old style.

Nevertheless, despite these conflicting perceptions, some qualities which make up a gentleman remains unchanged.

1. Confident.

One of the most important components needed by anyone is confidence. Feeling confident about yourself involves appreciating and understanding who you are. Knowing what you can offer as well as having a good understanding of your strength and weaknesses. Considering weaknesses as a motivation to improve in life rather than as a handicap.

2. Respectful.

A gentleman always exercise respect. He doesn’t look down on anyone or consider others useless. Whether you occupy the most prestigious position in society, you consider others of a lower class than yours as people who have something to offer rather than people without values. A gentleman’s respect for people is unconditional and doesn’t see disrespect as power.

3. Polite.

One difficulty some men find is the difficulty using the words please. sorry, thank you or excuse me. In fact they’ll prefer to climb to the top of mount Everest than tell someone any of these words. They feel they probably may lose half of their lives if they mention them. A gentleman is polite. He says words when they are due. Unlike the guy who worships his ego, the gentleman understands being polite is not just a sign of being civilised but also a sign maturity.

4. Responsible.

A gentleman is responsible. He understands the necessity of being responsible and when to take responsibility. He knows when to do things and of course why he does them.For instance, he finds it unnecessary to make a phone during a church sermon or respects the no smoking signs of the places he goes to.

5. Open-minded.

Since he knows he’s prone to making mistakes, he is open to learning. He is open-minded, meaning he listens to others and considers them as people who can offer something meaningful rather than nothing at all.

6. Peacemaker.

A gentleman is a peacemaker. He tries to bring solutions around him not just for those around to have peace but because he knows peace is very essential to his wellness.

As earlier mentioned, sometimes these qualities tend to be interpreted differently. The expectation from a gentleman may as well be different based on the we find ourselves. In some societies, a gentleman is considered old style or unattractive simply because he probably doesn’t represent the new fashion norms of the present. This is a simple indication of the lack of ability some people and society face in differentiating wants from needs. The bottom line is the basic qualities of a gentleman remain unchanged irrespective of where and what time we find ourselves in.