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The world we live in is increasingly conflict tolerant. Some of these conflicts are of course very preventable. Whenever disputes spurs simply as a result of the lack of willingness by parties to create a fact-based tolerant environment, it becomes almost impossible to guarantee any stable and healthy society in the future. Sometimes facts don’t have to be owned but known. Irrespective of whatever relationship we have such as a family relation, friendship, romantic, political etc, it is very important to create a platform for fact-based type relationship. One which considers disagreement as a possibility rather than one which stirs up rivalry or destroys relationships.

Unfortunately, many relationships continue to deteriorate because people try to claim ownership of facts. This makes disagreement more threatening to relationships. We continue to find ourselves living amongst many echo chambers, from individual to large organizations, who are all about ensuring others take their sides irrespective of whether they are wrong or not. Thus considering anyone who disagrees as a threat or an enemy.  Whenever facts are based solely on our affiliation to a particular person or group of people, we suppress our ability to do critical thinking consequently quelling any interest in getting the facts.

It’s understandable why people often tend to agree  with each other due to  long-term sentimental attachments as well as the benefits they derive from these relationships. But every better relationship accepts and manages differences. Differences should not be considered a threat rather an opportunity to improve relationships. Acknowledging that differences make up part of any relationship, each party appreciates the necessity to figure out the source as well as reasons for the existence of such boundaries to create ways of better addressing them rather than an opportunity to intensify the reasons for the existence of such differences.

Differences in relationships are not always indicative of a weak relationship. Believe it or not,there are always going to be differences.Even though these differences may not be made known due to fear of misinterpretation or fear it may cost the relationship, there will always exist differences, at least in silence. This is due to the fact that humans view the world differently as well as experience change differently. Thus there is always a potential for change. Instead, an indication of a weak relationship is when differences are either restricted or forbidden by means of a party being subjected into fully agreeing on every stands with the other. This behaviour considers differences abnormal, a main reason for premature ending of relationships.

Every relationship which doesn’t tolerate any form of difference is more fragile than one which understands differences. A relationship which understands differences is more open to communication and permits each party know each other better with time. Thus there is an up to date knowledge of everyone who makes up the relationship, about how to deal with these differences. On the other hand, a relationship which blocks differences destroys communication and the opportunity of knowing partners better with time. And so, sometimes it’s just a matter of time for any difference to blow up these relationships to uncontrollable ways that could unlock hatred,pride,selfishness etc. which may contribute in prematurely ending relationships if not controlled properly.

The foundation of every relationship is an important determining factor to the future of the relationship. It is for this reason it’s imperative to try to explore possible differences like what is shared in common, as a proactive approach in resolving future disputes. Therefore the lifespan of every successful relationship is a function of a well established foundation which considers both similarities and differences as possibilities rather than just what is shared in common.


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