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One great source of happiness when interacting with humans is a long and healthy relationship such as “romantic relationships”. But it’s also a potential source of devastating impact. Just as some usually get it right in their relationship, some always find themselves at the receiving end for different reasons.

Unfortunately, those who always get jilted in relationships are often unaware of the reasons why their partners always end up with them. This either being due to the fact they simply can’t figure it out or their partners never tell them why they end up with them.

Below are possible reasons why people continuously find themselves in relationships that end up prematurely by their partners:

1. Lack of self- esteem.

An indispensable and important asset needed in all forms of relationships  is self-esteem. How confident we are or not, can play a huge role in determining the life of any relationship we  find ourselves in. As earlier mentioned in one of my articles on ” why many relationships don’t last”, the lifespan of any relationship is highly dependent on the foundation laid before the commencement of the relationship. In otherwords, the basis of mutual agreement before getting into any relationship is actually what is going to reflect in the relationship in question. How and what we feel about ourselves can influence our relationships in different ways. It is important to note that how you feel or think about yourself should outweigh what others want you to feel about yourself. Being able to accept who you are without letting others define you, will contribute positively  in your relationship. People with low self-esteem in most cases get into relationships without really declaring their real identity to their partners and so they give a limited version of themselves, mostly positive, instead of all of them. And so, their partners get to realise certain aspects of them in a long term which may tend out unpleasant. Getting into relationships we expect to last should be an opportunity to freely express ourselves with future partners because they are the ones we’ll be spending more time with. And so, sometimes people decide to leave their partners  when the discover something new in the relationship which could have probably been easier if revealed before getting into the relationship.

2. Bad Judgement.

Another reason you may consider about why people always get jilted in relationships is the issue of judgement. Sometimes you may be struggling to understand the difference between what you want from what you need. Or those you are often attracted to may not necessarily be the ones that fit your personality.Every relationship is unique, and so what someone needs from a partner may not always correspond to your own relationship. Therefore,trying to make decisions while beginning any relationship should try to match with your partner. You may want to examine your preference and be more realistic about the choices you make.

3. Bad company.

The people you surround yourself with could play a part in how you run your relationship. Whether it’s bad advices or how you see one of your pals running their own relationship, can greatly influence your relationship. Toxic companies may bring about comparison which at times contribute in making relationships unhealthy and unreal. And so getting to know someone unlike these characteristics may be future repellants.

4. Undesirable qualities.

Another potential reason may be undesirable qualities.  Those who often get jilt either don’t know why the get jilt  and never have the chance to know the reason from their partners. Apparently, some partners  will prefer not to mention the reasons for fear of getting them hurt or avoid confrontation. For instance, you mabe disorganized,you gossip a lot, can’t cook, and many other delicate issues, some of which you may be very unaware of. And so it is recommended to at least try to get the reasons  why you end up in relationships, so it can help you improve to better the next one. Again, as previously mentioned, all relationships are unique. What can be tolerable  by partner A in a relations may not be tolerable to partner B in another relationship.

Generally, any relationships should be seen as an opportunity to express yourself to the fullest between you and your partner, without which we continue to be susceptible in commiting the same mistakes.