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If happiness is always viewed as completely void of worries, then no one will ever be happy”.

If you find yourself consistently chasing or finding happiness, then you may want to reconsider such thought. Believe it or not, each and every one of us always have something in our lives to be happy about irrespective of whatever situation we find ourselves in. The truth is we pursue happiness not because we are not happy. We either feel we deserve better, don’t really know the value of what we have or just want more.

Happiness is not a commodity but a state of being. Unfortunately, society continues to depict happiness differently. Most often, one attached to something with a commercial value. Something we just can’t do without and will do anything it takes to acquire lest we continue to live in misery. Therefore, we surround ourselves with this bubble of getting what we desire to start feeling happy again. What if our dreams are not being fulfilled? Are we going to ever find happiness again?

Below are simple reasons why you can always be happy despite pursuing your dreams:

1. Levels of control.

You can only control what you can control. One ought to know what aspects in life they can control. Either it’s your state of mind or how life operates. Sometimes we believe we can always control both. Therefore, we keep trying to do everything not necessarily because we want to improve but because our happiness depends on it. As we all know, not everything we wished for always ends up realising.  The reality is the only thing we can at least control, is our state of mind and being, except we are mentally ill. Happiness comes from the mind and doesn’t always have to come from outside.

2. No perfect situation.

There is never a perfect situation. No situation guarantees everlasting happiness. Even when we attain any level we want, there is always a need for improvement as well as there are upsets. So, waiting for a particular situation to feel happy sometimes prevents one from becoming happy not because we can’t be happy. It is always possible to be happy even when chasing our dreams. If happiness is always viewed as a state completely void of worries, then no one will ever be happy. Everyone has worries but it’s preferrable looking at it as a necessity to improve rather than being the most unfortunate.

3. Always wanting mood.

Believe it or not, as humans we will always be in need of something more. The issue is how we control our desires. Sometimes what we desire easily paves a way to our misery despite initially knowing they will make us happy. Knowing and waiting for a particular moment to become happy doesn’t change this state. However, we have a choice to decide what state of mind we need at any point in life even while searching for something better. We can still be happy despite wanting more.

As earlier said, happiness is just a state of being. It comes from within. This is not to imply we can’t be sad or what we desire can’t give us happiness. Our source of happiness is in our ability to control how our minds operate. How toxic or relaxed it can be. If we take a close look around, we will find many reasons why we can be happy and be grateful for. The bottom line is you can hardly prevent challenging moments in life as well the miracles that happen around and in the future.