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Do you often find yourself struggling to find purpose, especially after failing to achieve planned goals?

Life could seem very unfair sometimes. There exist moments when we feel we deserve an explanation for why things happen the way they are. This is common when we find ourselves failed to realize goals. During this moment, we not only feel things didn’t go well for us but sometimes feel not capable enough. Sometimes we feel left in the dark or feel success isn’t meant for everyone. We continue to struggle with finding purpose, finding something to make one feel life is worth living again. But a common question is ”what next after realising our goals don’t seem achievable anymore or no longer feasible?”.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t communicate with us the way we wished it could. But life definitely has different ways in which it sends us messages. Sometimes we only fail to understand this message, misinterpret them or not just interested¬† in finding out what message it is. Consequently, we sometimes struggle with purpose. A moment when we feel so many doors are shut especially after failing to realise our goals. We play the blame game, blame ourselves for failing, blame others or simply feel not good enough.

I believe unrealised goals or what is popularly referred to as failed goals happens for different reasons summarised in two categories listed below;

  • We didn’t do enough, we would have done better, or missed key steps along the journey or


  • We were not realistic, or that wasn’t just meant for us.

Failed goals is not equivalent to failure. As humans, wonderfully made, we all have something special to offer. A major reason why we struggle in finding purpose is simply because we can’t identify that special thing in us. That thing we can excel in, confident and passionate about. Consequently, one way we can try to figure this out is by going through different stages in life. Stages we will have to go through to have a better understanding in the future. Sadly, due to several factors such as pressure from societal influence, lack of patience or unwillingness to learn from the past, we sometimes find ourselves¬† dealing with similar situations.

Life isn’t just about wanting to achieve goals. It is both having goals and a constant drive. It is for this reason why we still need drive even when we fail to achieve any goal. But having a constant drive begins by having a great mindset and willingness to learn from life experiences. Trying to understand or uncover any underlying message particularly from challenges in life. By continuously trying to learn from these challenges can enable us to identify where we can be best . It is for this reason why not all successful people actually had their profession or where they excel as goals initially. Sometimes an unrealised goal may be a great step to achieving a great and better goal.