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How often do you get jealous? How easy do you get jealous?

One of the most frustrating feelings experienced by humans is the feeling of jealousy. A moment in which we feel everything suddenly went biased against us. We either feel we merited more than what we have even though we do not merit them or do not feel others merit what they are or have. This of  course is often triggered by individual opinions and interpretations on what they see or know about others which is unfair and bias both to those we get jealous of and to themselves.

Jealousy is often portrayed in different ways. Some do open up easily whereas others try to keep it as secret as possible. It is demonstrated in the form of envy, self-centeredness, hatred, anger, etc, all of which exist in levels dependent on each individual. The sad reality about being jealous is that it is indicative of an extreme level of weakness specifically self-centeredness and a poor evaluation of one’s own self. Besides having a low self-esteem, we are being forced to engage in series of very unhealthy thoughts.

Everyone gets jealous.Whether it’s seeing our colleague being promoted while we remain on the same position, our friend being attracted to others probably due to physical qualities we don’t have, we do get jealous for different reasons. But the truth is jealousy can be controlled or why not, avoided.

Below are different suggested ways on how we can get rid of jealousy.

1. Appreciate yourself.

You need to put an effort in appreciating  yourself. This include acknowledging who you are, what you have, what you can, who you are not, what you can’t do or what you can’t have. As humans, we normally desire more in life but such could be unrealistic when we do not know our boundaries or in other words don’t show appreciation for ourselves. For instance, my brown skin friend seem to attract more guys than I (dark) do. I don’t have to feel tempted to become brown or feel frustrated either. An acknowledgement of yourself makes it easy to get rid of such feeling, after all people do get attracted to dark people, not brown. Never allow yourself get outweighed by ignorance.

2. Avoid toxic company.

An easy way to get rid of jealousy is by surrounding yourself with the right people.  The type of people you always have as company can contribute in determining the type of way you behave or act. For instance, when you’re surrounded by people who always compare their cars, success, their girlfriends or boyfriends, achievements or wealth, it may be time to reconsider such company. There is nothing wrong about sharing such information among your peers, but what happen usually happens when this always become the subject of discussion is that it may lead to envy, jealousy, competition, pride, hatred etc. all of which may not really be helpful to you. Therefore, staying away from toxic companies can enable you stay focus on more relevance rather than irrelevance.

3. Avoid being distracted.

At some point in life, one ought to be able to identify and stay away from distraction. As people having objectives in life, we need to ensure by all means to never heed to irrelevance and stay focus. It is true we sometimes can’t prevent distractions and often tempted to shift our focus to things which are not productive to us. But with a clear focus, we have the ability to put these distractions behind us.

4. Always be positive.

Always make positivity a priority in life. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people and healthy thoughts. Avoid surrendering positivity easily to very unproductive things which may later cost you gravely.

Being jealous is a normal reaction especially when you feel threatened something can be taken from you. This is mostly common in relationships when one feels their ownership of the other is being put to question. Jealousy is a test to prove our level of egoism. It is usually never healthy and may lead to very regrettable actions which would have been better of prevented.