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Are you currently in any form of relationship where you feel you’re giving everything to make it work whereas the other shows no interest at all? 

The purpose of any healthy relationship is to enjoy a mutual affection between those comprising the relationship. Be it between a family member, coworker,or a significant other, we at least ensure everyone contributes in making it beneficial for everyone. But just like any other relationship with challenges, there comes a time one is prepared to compromise by giving everything to preserve that relationship even when the other doesn’t feel interested anymore. Where your concern and effort in trying to make it work is either ignored completely or considered mind-numbing. The question is; do we continue sacrificing and being optimistic it will work out some day or are we ready to make some compromises on our sacrifices?

Just like any other problem with a root cause, one-sided relationships do have root causes which if not carefully figured out may not worth any effort in trying to preserve it. Without knowing or uncovering the underlying root cause of  a fractured relationship of this nature,one may continue to use a particular method in trying to preserve a relationship based on some secondary causes. This may end up producing little or no results and at the same time very exhausting. Therefore, even though we continue to find solutions to this relationship, we may want to keep an open mind  in order to uncover different possible causes which may help in adjusting the way we confront such problems. Unfortunately, sometimes these root causes could only be better known to the other partner who may never reveal it  thus making it difficult to uncover and becoming more challenging to deal with.

The sad reality about a one-sided relationship is that it could be extremely exhausting and sometimes not worth continuing. Any relationship should purposely be a source happiness not of grief. Whenever a relationship consists of communication solely coming from one end, there is a fundamental distort of every objective of a relationship which is that of mutual concern. Most people decide to continue insisting on the restoration of a relationship which is one-sided for different reasons; Either they,

  • seek for another opportunity to make things right from a known problem for which they are aware of being the cause.
  • hope their partners change from their present state to the what they knew them to be initially
  • fear losing the benefits they get from the relationship which they feel they may not find somewhere else or
  • have a personal interest in which they aim to fulfill in the relationship.

Based on some of the above suggested reasons, one can easily identify the different levels of effort required to make things work out depending on the different motives. As earlier stated, the main objective of any relationship is enjoying the shared affection and consent between those involved. Sometimes due to the fear of losing much in a staled relationship, we end up losing far more than we imagine. In other words, it is sometimes preferable to quit or not be in a relationship than be there at all, at least for the reason of preventing yourself from being consumed by toxicity which is always never healthy for well-being. It is understandable to state one’s concern or affection for someone, but the question is if you are prepared to risk losing yourself completely to achieve a goal which may probably not be attainable especially when the ones you’re trying to seek their attention considers you irrelevant.

Life is beautiful. One thing we ought to avoid is becoming a naïve optimist. We do have a choice to choose happiness over misery especially when it comes to relationship. Whenever yourself doing everything alone to make a relationship work whereas the other lacks interest, we may want to reconsider our state of happiness. It is therefore imperative to always surround yourself with the right people to provide the appropriate assistance and support you need to deal with such a situation. Remember, you don’t have to force someone who has openly declared their lack of interest towards you to have the same affection you have for them. Not only do you assure yourself  of melancholy in your quest to seek for happiness but prevent yourself from being exposed to the potential of receiving such attention and happiness somewhere else. Everyone deserves at least a form of attention in any relationship, not completely being ignored.