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If you’re considering engaging in a distance relationship, you might as well be prepared for a unique love experience. The reality is that distance relationships are often challenging and definitely need to be handled with the best possible care in order for it to work properly. However, just like any other relationship, what counts at the end of the day is the mutual affection as well as commitment from both partners needed to overcome whatever obstacles that put the relationship to test. Just like the popular saying distance is not a barrier to love, well I have to honestly disagree. Of course distance is.

Before moving forward with dealing with distance relationship, it is important to cite different origins of distance relationships.

  • The relationship where both partners know they are distant from each other before engaging into the relationship.
  • The relationship where both partners started recently in the same area and distance came with time where they had to live apart.
  • A long and established relationship where distance came in later.

From the three different cases outlined, you’ll surely agree with me that the risks and challenges involved in both cases are definitely not the same. The first case is different from the third because one relationship still needs time for each partner to get to know each other whereas the other (third case) is already an established relationship. The reason I try to illustrate these differences are due to the fact that even though distant relationship is a huge concern to some, it may be considered a very little or no concern at all to others. Therefore, one needs to be able to figure out such differences.

Nevertheless, as earlier mentioned, distance do act as a barrier to  many relationships in different ways. Besides not being able to meet with each other regularly, it may lead to growing mistrust and thus very exhaustive. Below are some points which may be very helpful to any challenging distance relationship;

1. Commitment.

The very first point to consider before engaging in any healthy distance relationship is mutual commitment. A mutual commitment is very vital in any distance relationship. Both partners need to put a fair share of effort in trying to make things work irrespective of what comes in the way. This helps to continue driving the relationship forward as well as making it better.

2. Planning regular meetings.

Organizing regular meetings is very helpful for a distance relationship.  Whether you decide on meeting on a fixed date or number of  days per month, this helps re-ignite the relationship and breaks the distance and time without seeing each other. This may be a little complicating to very long distance relationships that may include constant flights as it could be very costly.

3. Trust.

This is a common and challenging pillar to build in any distance relationship. Sometimes people get very emotional about their partners as they continue to speculate on what they could be doing. Frequently calling, texting or staying on social media help raise anxiety as you try to find out when your partner could be online, where they take photos and with whom they take photos. This results to lack of trust and could be very exhausting.

4. Positive.

Always make sure you always stay positive in every distance relationship. Ensure you always engage yourself  in healthy thoughts, not negative. Being negative about your stands on your distance relationship isn’t quite helpful and may contribute in your lack of trust and desire to move forward with it.

Any distance relationship requires patience, tolerance, good communication and a great feeling of connection between both partners. The bottom line is trying as much as possible to be mutually committed as well very optimistic all of which could be very healthy for your relationship.