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Learners with limits.

Everyone has limitations in life. In as much as we continue to live and interact, we are forever bound to learn something new. We learn from others and vice versa.But all of this can only be made possible if and only we decide to open up our minds.

When we decide to become closed-minded, we don’t just get a lot of things wrong but limit ourselves as well. Deciding not to consider other opinions or ideas not just because they could be valid but because you know there is no better opinion than yours.

Below are some characteristics of someone with a closed mind.

1. Source of tension.

Closed-minded persons are a great source of tension.Whenever there’s a conflict or misunderstanding, bet you me, a root cause is as a result of closed-minded individuals. When a party decides to be very rigid in their thinking and sometimes become easily angry for not taking their position. To them it’s either because others feel that way or a win-win scenario.

2. You become blocked.

To unlock a closed mind can be so challenging. Sometimes you need to change strategies in order to better explain an issue. They become very one sided and opinionated. Their position is all that matters. Sometimes the only way their minds open is getting the real facts themselves with time. No one but they can open up their minds.

3. Status.

Another thing contributing to the why people become one sided is their status in the society. Either because they’re financially better, older or have more experience in a sector than you do. So they find it hard to consider any other opinion from someone lower than them as valid.

4. You unknowingly don’t know.

One common and interesting thing about closed-minded people is that they hardly realize they are the ones not getting things right. They always believe they know better than you do which is what matters. And so, they decide to remain in ignorance.

5. Pride.

Another trait of people with closed minds is pride. Sometimes they get carried away by ego. They just don’t want to believe someone can give an opinion better than theirs. They always feel the need to be credited for only their opinions and only their opinions considered. They find it uncomfortable to imagine someone has a better view than theirs.

Generally,everyone is a learner and great learners decide to open up their minds to learn better. Opening up your mind doesn’t mean you accept everything. But you give yourself more chances of better synthesising ideas from opinions than a closed minded person.