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Life is all about making decisions. Sometimes we get them right, sometimes wrong. Unfortunately, there are moments when we are unaware it’s time to make a decision. An example of such moment is ending relationships such as friendship. The reality about such a case is we usually feel the right time to quit friendship is when things starts going off. When we get into a fight, when we get betrayed or generally when we realise we can no longer reconcile differences. But the fact is that not all dispute free friendships are necessarily what we need to attain maximum growth.

Below are 10 signs to quickly realise it may be time to quit a friendship.

1. Completely one-sided.

Sometimes it becomes worthless staying in a relationship where reciprocity is not part of the foundation of the relationship. Whenever you find yourself always showing more consent than the other, it might be an appropriate moment to rethink the relationship. For example you visit a friend who never visits back, calling and always asking how they feel but only call in need of help etc. The purpose of real friendship is sharing a mutual consent for each other besides that it’s no longer friendship. There are many people out there who would love and respect your attention rather than you forcing attention.

2. Very unproductive.

Without a doubt ,one of the coolest things about friendship is deriving fun from some of the most unproductive things. But we ought to be able to put some limits to the lack of productivity especially when it dominates the friendship. If not controlled, it may affect your personality as well as make you very less productive to yourself. On the other hand, a friendship may be cool but may not contribute anything productive which may be helpful for your future growth and success. Therefore staying in the relationship may not improve on the think about your growth and success for the future.

3. Fading trust.

A very important component in any friendship is trust. Once trust becomes questionable in any friendship, the friendship risks going completely off track. The origin of lack of trust could range from several issues such as gossip, envy, competition, betrayals etc. Whenever you feel a friend can no longer be trusted, you may as well want to end sharing the most intimate information about yourself. At this moment it’s advisable to quit as it may save you lots of problems in the future which you may find regrettable.

4. Different values.

Another reason to know time is right to quit a friendship is if you don’t share the same values. Sometimes people  get tempted in doing things that violate their values in order to save the friendship. For instance you might be invited by a friend to a party you don’t feel comfortable about due to how it contradicts your religious values. When this consistently happens, you may want to rethink the friendship.

5. Criminal.

The last situation you want to find yourself in is having to testify about something on a friend you know nothing about. Whenever you find out there is something not straight about a friend or realise he/she is a criminal, it may be the right time to quit that friendship. This will save you from lots of problems you might be caught in by hanging out with such friends.

6. Yes, yes type.

Sometimes it’s very important to have someone around you who criticise you fairly. Criticise in terms of giving you credits and criticism where they are due. In other words hanging around those who are willing to criticise you fairly aimed at bringing out the best in you. It’s never advisable to be around people who always tell you,you are the best all the time because it’s not true. Besides not being honest about it, it doesn’t help in contributing to the growth of your personality. Everyone needs someone very supportive around them but as well open-minded and honest as possible.

Not everyone we know equates to a friend. It is very possible to know so many people and having no friend amongst them. Friendship, just like any relationship involves mutual interest for each other. Sometimes it’s advisable to have just few people you can very well get along with than hang out with so many people you call friends. This is due to the fact that fewer friends are easy to handle and very less toxic than so many people.