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What do compliments mean to you? What if it happened to be fake?

Everyone deserves to be happy. But whenever happiness becomes an issue of desperation, almost anything may fit in as a better replacement. This is particularly common when we usually take compliments. When we feel recognised for what we possibly love about ourselves and obviously love to be admired for. However, despite loving these compliments, not all are definitely sincere. But how can we always identify a non sincere remark? Even so, should we ever mind taking fake compliments?.

We all love ¬†compliments because we feel respected. Unfortunately, not all compliments seem genuine despite being expressed to portray a sign of respect. Nonetheless, some wouldn’t mind taking any remark from anyone, as long as it makes them feel accepted by society.

Below are some reasons why you should quit fake compliments;

1. Fake.

Fake compliments only tells you what you would love to listen to not necessarily what you deserve to. You live in this bubble, where you feel desperate to get remarks as something to make you feel confident about yourself. This only makes you unreal and only further justifies a poor evaluation of one’s self. In other words, it only confirms one has an issue with confidence as well as self-esteem.


Fake compliments are highly misleading.They only tell you who and what you’re not or possibly never be. Consequently, you only console yourself with what you never are. This is highly misleading especially when you sincerely accept such remarks. Additionally, you only feel everyone sincerely believes in how you feel about yourself and based on the remarks you often listen to which is never always true.

3. Invite more fake compliments.

You only invite more insincere remarks around you. This is due to the fact that you constantly give a wrong impression. An impression whereby people feel one sure way you can be happy is telling you what you are not. Thus, you constantly invite this flow of insincere remarks.

4. Negative influence.

Accepting fake compliments generally has a negative influence on you. It has a negative influence on your personality and in so many aspects in life. It doesn’t enable you improve but only makes you run away from something you are scared about yourself.

5. Nothing changes.

The reality about receiving fake compliments is that nothing actually changes. If you feel uncomfortable with something about yourself and someone gives you an insincere remark to make you feel good. It doesn’t change what the person feels about you. All they do is make you believe they don’t see it. Therefore it’s very less helpful as no real change occurs when given false compliments.

We love to be respected. But it makes more sense when respect is genuine. Receiving a fake compliment is disrespect. It is never helpful and hinders growth. You don’t always have to show a need to be complimented in order feel good. Instead what you need is ensuring you are genuinely appreciated. A better way to begin avoiding fake compliments is by showing a degree of self-appreciation. Being aware of your strength and weaknesses and knowing where you can improve without necessarily being influenced negatively.