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There is the popular saying “love all but trust none”, but “love all” is not equivalent to embracing everyone. Loving all simply means wishing everyone well but at the same time being cautious. Embracing everyone seems unreal. You create a wide platform for everyone of any objective, get access to you easily. As humans dealing with humans, it’s very important to note, we are not always reliable. Sometimes our reliability is often influenced by circumstances. Meaning humans hardly ever have fixed positions.

Most people who always feel they are exploited or disrespected , experience such for several reasons.

1. Ignorance.

One possible reason why people feel disrespected despite being open to others is ignorance. They always feel the way they treat others has to always be exactly the way they should be treated.Of course, this is true and what we should normally expect. But life is not always that fair. Not everyone who puts up a smile with you or display a first good impression, is actually what you’re always going to expect throughout.  Sometimes people take full advantage of this behaviour for personal interest irrespective of how you feel. Sometimes, just being cautious and aware of the level of expectation when dealing with others, is all you need to come out of such unappealing experiences.

2. Always want to impress.

As earlier explained in my previous articles, trying to avoid being criticized or trying to please everyone is a complete waste of time. It’s impossible to achieve any case. It’s far from living in reality. You spend most of the time and effort trying to have a good name or to impress people. One thing to note is, you don’t necessarily need effort to get a good impression and you don’t necessarily need to feel uncomfortable about what others will say not trying to impress. Life could be tricky sometimes and dealing with people often means dealing with interest. So it’s always possible you get upset because you don’t just create a platform for you to be exploited but people may actually need you for their interest even if it means you losing a lot . So never always feel pressurized about what others think when you don’t impress. Do what you can knowing not everyone is going to always appreciate what you do.

3. Peer pressure.

Again, there are times people become victims of bad judgement or inability to take decisions they are confident about and claim responsibility for such decisions. They are often surrounded and influenced by people who provide them with terrible advice. The sad thing about it is, they are hardly even aware. This could be seen sometimes in relationships when relying on external advice to apply it in the relationship. And so things often do not favour you or always tends out badly. You may want to think about getting out of the circle of bad advice and be confident about the decisions you take without being influenced.

4. You Brag a lot.

Another possible reason people feel disrespected is that they brag a lot. It’s true everyone has the freedom of expression but sometimes people feel uncomfortable or exhausted and may find your conversation and company very boring with time. Again,sadly, some people may not be aware of such details. People do brag for different reasons. For instance, bragging about accomplishment,success, about their kids, their girl/boyfriends, their houses, just to name a few.  You could also always brag about helping others.And so, whenever this always become part of the conversation, especially with people who find themselves at the other side or become tired of the topic, they try to keep a distance away from you.

5. Unattractive qualities.

Sometimes people find it difficult to accept your stands despite your “openness”. The qualities you have also plays an important role on how people relate to you. They either attract people or drive them away. Unattractive qualities could mean several issues such as anger, always criticising, insulting, rude,boastful, mischievous, pretending or other aspects that make you easily repel people from you with time. As earlier mentioned, it’s often sad people are ignorant about such attributes even though some are very aware. So, people may get attracted to you initially because they appreciate you opening up but keep away or not value you, when they get your real identity with time.

Generally, it is always important to ask honest questions about why you feel disrespected even though you feel opening up to everyone. Sometimes the answer to these questions lie in the one asking the questions. So, finding such answers may enable you adjust the way you relate to others and become more realistic than before.