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Everyone has the same goal of becoming successful in life but everyone ends up with a unique story to tell. Each human is blessed with unique and exceptional potentials. Some succeed to  utilize this potential better than others and some are unaware of these potentials for different reasons. But the reality is that irrespective of our background,sex,race or views, we all need some form of inspiration. That source of energy needed to propel us to another level better than the previous. Some continue to search for this source of inspiration whereas others give up searching along the way.

Life consists of continuously searching for solutions to challenges. As humans we are continuously faced with situations in life in which we either look for ways to facilitate or come out completely from them. Fortunately, we are often surrounded by stories that consistently inform us that no challenge is big enough to be overcome. Stories that makes us question the existence of the word ”impossible”. But are these stories enough for us to kick-start any journey of moving forward? The solution always begin with us. We continue to remain the author of our stories and consequently need to explore these potentials. Some of which are known and unknown to us.

Below are outlined factors that proves we remain our main source of inspiration;

1. State of mind.

We will still need a particular state of mind which will enable us achieve our goals.A positive mindset is a proper way to begin with.The absence of positivity is the first obstacle imposed on one’s own self. Positivity involves always considering possibilities of overcoming whatever challenges you face rather than getting defeated by the nature of the challenge. It involves accepting to learn from mistakes and believing that things always get better as long as you continue to live. Even when something goes against us, we at least try to get something positive from it. Without a positive mindset, it can get more challenging to move forward.

2. Decision-making.

Decision-making is an integral part of our daily lives. At some point in life, we begin making decisions based on our individual judgement which have considerable impact in our lives. Sometimes we judge well and sometimes we don’t. At the end of the day, we are left with questioning ourselves on what we could have done better what we shouldn’t have done at all. Another important factor that helps guide our judgement is those we surround ourselves  with. Always making sure we be around the right people and ensuring their contributions help facilitate your decisions.

3. Determination.

Despite having a lot to learn from others as well as being inspired, we will still need to be determined. A common question of concern is how can one be determined without something to be determined about? Determination involves that continuous search for solutions despite the storms of life. A never giving-up attitude or complaints and excuses to either justify failure.The continuous willingness to find out solutions creates a pathway to further unlock one’s potentials, sometimes traits they never imagined they had in them. Additionally, determination may also help in  finding new ideas which can be very beneficial to us in a long-term. This is one reason people find themselves happily doing what they never thought as an option earlier in their lives.

4. Focus.

We always need some level of concentration whenever we are dedicated in trying to achieve our goals. However, we usually get distracted or discouraged while moving forward. Distractions and discouragement are part of the challenges we wish to overcome. Therefore , our commitment to overcome these obstacles will depend on how easy or not we allow these distractions affect our drive.

5. Time factor.

Time plays a huge role in how we try to achieve our goals. Most often we get very impatient as we try to attain our objectives or even give up along the way. This is due to the fact that our best case scenario is when we time works according to own designated schedule. Sometimes we do question our effort especially when things work as expected from others and not us. This makes it more challenging as we figure out the differences between impatience, laziness and sometimes what we call bad luck. therefore, it is very imperative we manage and respect time ( patient ) especially when we continue to believe our efforts are worth producing results.

Life itself is all about learning. We learn from others as well as from personal experience. We have different realities and thus things work out differently for everyone. We do rise and fall, but what  is more important is what we do when we fall. The bottom line is there are no identical stories, everyone has something unique to narrate about.