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It’s often said success is not a destination but a journey. But the type of path we choose to embark on in life is what keeps us in a position to regularly question our decisions. Questioning the validity of our judgement, how feasible is our journey or what easy possible path we need to take on. Irrespective of the paths we decide on, we continue to expect minimum challenges or obstructions. And above all, we expect our judgement to proven right and worth the ride. But believe it or not, most success paths we choose are often accompanied with hurdles along the way some of which are common.

As long as we continue to focus on achieving our goals, we will definitely need some indispensable recipes to take along with. Some of which we apply using individual effort as well as others we apply  from what we learn along the journey. Unfortunately, what separates most people from reaching  a destination is a lack of interest in learning from anything outside their individual input. Either by misinterpreting any obstacle on the way or feel completely defeated by the nature of the journey in achieving their goals.

Just like any soccer competition, the aim of every team is winning a price. Some end up winning, some lose and some are being rewarded for their effort such as second place. Some learn from the mistakes they made during the competition and try to improve  the next season. Likewise any journey to success. Sometimes we win as we plan,other times we don’t as we expected.But one very important thing about any journey is how to interpret and react to unexpected obstacles during our journey.

It is important to note an open mindset is a precious recipe required when embarking on any goal. Thus, as long as one continues to be very ambitious in life, there is a need for an open mindset. One which is prepared to consider possibilities and capable of adapting to challenging moments. Before listing some possible and common challenges we can expect on our journey, it’s imperative I cite, not all of what we call obstacles are meant to chase us from achieving our goals. Instead some are actually meant to be traversed and only by doing so, we will be able to continue or probably arrive where we expect to be.

1. Misunderstandings.

One common thing you should expect to confront along any journey is misunderstandings. There are times you will be seriously misunderstood, sometimes to the extend of you questioning your own judgement. You could be misunderstood by different people including ones special and close to you. This simply results to the fact that they don’t and may never see things the way you see.

2. Downs.

Never always consider any journey to success to be void of some failures. Expect to witness some downs or what we commonly refer to as failures. But what’s important is how we interpret and react whenever we fall short. Sometimes we may never understand the next phase of our journey and so these downs are some of the ways we can understand better. Most often we do give up when we fail at any stage due to our lack of willingness to interpret such moments.

3. Limited resources.

This is one of the most common aspects we usually come across at least some point in life when trying to achieve our goals. Expect to be lacking of certain resources in any journey to success. By resource, it’s not necessarily restrictive to finance but any other element you will definitely need along such as motivational support. Lack of resources is sometimes a principal reason why most people get off course. But as someone with a right mindset and feeling very determined, it’s all about continuously finding ways using the minimum you have to propel you to a better stage.

4. Discouragement.

Just like the previous points, always expect to witness possible sources of discouragement. Sometimes discouragement is self-imposed, especially when we feel nothing we do actually works. There are going to be challenges which may seem enough for us to quit. As earlier mentioned, challenges are not always meant to chase us away but for us to overcome them. Expect to feel discouraged by many including closed ones such as family and friends. It’s normal and you never have to feel different or abnormal. These situations are sometimes destined to test our character, not necessarily us as a person. Thus we are obliged to find the right character and approach to better manage them .

5. Time factor.

Time factor is not always going to be the best partner during the journey. It will be very friendly sometimes as well as act like an enemy to progress. Thus patience is a very vital component to take along as well as flexibility.

The above points outlined are not always going to be probable. In fact some may never witness such at any level. Some come across some more than others. The bottom line is trying to find the best possible approach as well as having the right mindset to manage such period in life. Trying to interpret as well as understand why certain things happen rather than rapidly conclude on failure. Therefore, it’s always important to consider challenges from a point where we need to cross rather than enough to call it a quit.


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