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What do you consider as distractions around you? How do you deal with these distractions?

We get surrounded by distractions each day of our lives. Sometimes we are our own  main source of distractions as well as they could come externally. Even when we come across distractions, we are either unaware they are distractions or don’t consider them to be distractions at all. However it is worth understanding how these distractions prevents us from moving forward and how to ultimately deal with them.

Distraction is simply anything we don’t need at least for the time which draws our attention away from focusing on things which are beneficial to us. In other words something which makes it hard to pay attention on something potentially beneficial to us. When we consistently make ourselves available to distractions,our ability to achieve our desired goals become reduced. Distractions could range from a habit, a person, a group of people, a place and any other thing with the potential of diverting our attention.

There are different ways we could deal with distractions. But before knowing how to handle distractions, it is important to know what we consider a distraction to us. Sometimes what could be a distraction to someone may not necessarily be one to another. It isn’t just what we consider a distraction, but how much attention we dedicate on them and how they impact us moving forward.

Below are some suggested ways in which we can better handle distractions;

1. Pay less attention.

The reality is, we can’t always avoid or completely get rid of distractions. However, limiting the time and attention we dedicate to anything distracting can make a huge difference. Meaning you become aware of these distraction but giving the least possible attention to them.

2. Avoid completely.

Another way to deal with distraction is by completely avoiding it. If I know drinking too much alcohol at night makes me go late to work the next day, I may decide to completely avoid alcohol. The general idea is to completely stay away from something you know is acting as a major obstacle to you trying to achieve or do something more beneficial to you.

3. Find the right antidote.

A better way of dealing with distraction is by finding an antidote for the known distraction. If you are finding it difficult to get rid of a known distraction, you may want to find something to counteract the distraction. For instance, if you always find yourself being discouraged by friends or close ones to pursue your dream in acting, you may decide to  surround yourself with others with the same passion. Or getting advise from those who’ve made it before to get their experiences. The idea is to ensure you find a remedy for anything you feel has the potential of getting more of your attention which you struggle not give at all.

4. Always stay positive.

Always try to adopt a postive attitude. Distractions will always be around and sometimes discouraging you from trying to achieve a desired goal. Thus it is always important to keep a positive mindset, knowing distractions to be common but not capable of easily diverting your attention from what you intend to achieve.

There is a difference between being distracted and trying to distract yourself from a difficult day or have fun. We definitely need to have some relaxation when necessary. However, what we need to avoid as much as possible is spending so much time and attention from those things that can divert our focus and not beneficial to us at least for the moment. It doesn’t just prevent us from dedicating sufficient amount of time on what we intend to accomplish but tend to be complacent.