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Whatever you consider as goals, make sure it’s what you’re passionate about. With the rapidly dynamic world in which we live in, sometimes we fail to meet up with its pace. In other words, we do fail to meet up to the expectations of society and ours as well. Consequently goals and objectives change and we’re either forced to find or create new ones to try to catch up with these demands. Nonetheless, even as we continue to dream, a common concern is whether or not we feel passionate or just feel we ought to achieve goals in life.

One reason we pursue our goals is the due to the satisfaction we believe we will derive after their realisation. Unfortunately, not every dream we have in life is necessarily what is going  to give us satisfaction we believe in. However, it is important to state that whatever goal we decide to follow, we ought to ensure it’s either

  • what we are truly passionate about 
  • who we are as well as
  • that which will bring out the best in us.

1. How passionate are you about your goals?.

It’s quite understandable we sometimes choose our goals due to different conditions we find ourselves in. However, one thing we need to ensure is having a passion for what we do. Any goal we want to achieve in life without a substantial level of passion likely ends prematurely or at least badly. The degree of passion we have for any goal we pursue dictates what interest we have for any chosen goal. Our goals should always be what we love doing and passionate about. Not just choosing because we feel it looks good or others follow them.

2. Who you are.

Our goals should be reflective of who we are. We need to accompany authenticity , not necessarily perfection when pursuing our goals. Being who you are makes it much easier accomplishing goals and safely rather than trying to be someone else. It’s true we sometimes get impatient or subjected to the pressure of not meeting up to societal standards. This may tempt us to change drastically to try to catch up as possible. This makes it likely more risky as well as have a negative impact to us in a long term.

3.  What helps you improve.

Our goals should be what makes us improve or become better in every aspect rather than the contrary. Sometimes the goals we pursue in life ends up destroying us instead of making us better. This usually results to the fact that we corrupt our authenticity or real self such as through societal or other negative influences while following our dreams. Consequently, instead of us being in control of our success, our success tend to control us. Therefore it’s vital to keep in touch with one’s self throughout the journey to achieving our goals.

Our goals should always produce positive results, both externally and internally. These effects should be as durable as possible. At the same time we ought to stick with the above elements in order to fulfill such conditions. Without which we only create certain barriers which prevents us from benefiting from the maximum outcome of success.