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Hello everyone!!!. I’m Brian. I was born in Cameroon and currently reside in Cameroon. I am an occupational safety officer by profession and have a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.

I began the SereneMind blog last November (2017) with the objective to share my experience about certain issues in life and connect with people as well. I talk about personality development with a focus to help improve relationships be it with family members, spouses,friends, coworkers and society in general. I do believe as humans we never fully know everything about ourselves. This is due to the fact that we become so consumed by the rapidly changing world we live in. Therefore this makes it difficult to spend sometime time with ourselves to get to know who we are better. This results to us finding it more challenging to confront and manage several life situations than if we knew ourselves better.

The Serenemind blog also talks a lot about motivational and other uplifting topics. So far, some of the blog posts have reached over 50 countries and happened to have connected with so many amazing people around the globe. I find it very elevating to connect and share my experiences with others. I look forward to continue sharing my experiences.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂